Artist, photographer, writer, teacher
and donkey farmer, I live for the most part,
in little rural community in Southwestern Ontario,
and in-between in an old seaside Salt Box 
 in a sheltered harbour in Newfoundland.

I offer workshops here at the farm in different techniques and mediums. They are posted on 
Facebook Studio Page .

When I have creations to offer for sale, they will
appear on my Studio Page as well. 


My Artist's Statement:

The Daily Muse

This is where we are in Ontario ...
nestled in a little hollow in Avonbank,
conveniently placed between the beautiful, delightful and art-filled towns of Stratford and St. Marys.
This is where Salt Harbour Island is ... in the Central Region of Newfoundland - 10 minutes from Twillingate Island; an hour and
twenty minutes from Gander
I am passionate about Life; about People; about Art and Creativity.

My life has always been about Creating. Creating friendships. Creating opportunity. Creating Something from Nothing. Creating a full and rich life.
 Making memories. Marking Art. Making the most of Every Day.

A multitude of things inspire me. I want to try them all. I TRY to try them all.
 I carve with wood. I sculpt with clay. I play with fabrics and fibres.
 I mess with mixed media. I write. I publish. I take pictures. I explore technology.

Tools excite me – a camera, a pen, a paint brush, a needle, a soldering gun, 
a band saw, a hammer & drill, a computer – I utilize them all with great enthusiasm.

Mediums delight me – paints, inks, papers, fibres, fabrics, metals, 
clay, glass, wood, found objects, shine and glitz and rusty bits –
 it's impossible to be in their presence without Seeing Things.

I love Colour. And Laughter. I love Words. I love the People in my life. 
And the Creatures. I love meeting New Friends. I love living where I do, when I do.
 I love trees. I love the water. I love Newfoundland.
 I love the changing of the Seasons. I love Quotes. I love my laptop. 
I love small buildings. I love things on wheels.
 I love pillows and slippers and candlelight. I love comfort.
 I love chatting over a cup of tea. I love Hands. And Eyes. 
I love OLD – old sweaters, old pictures, old people, old Things.
 And the stories behind them. I love Stories.
 I love Creation and Creating. I love Loving.

I treasure Friendship. I value a Playful Spirit and a Sense of Humour. 
I embrace an Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Arms. I honour Diversity.
 I celebrate Sunshine. I celebrate Living. I believe in Humanity. 
I cherish Kindness. I admire Passion. I applaud Imagination.
 I believe in Positive Energy. 
And I believe that Helen Keller was right:
 “Life is an Daring Adventure or it's Nothing at all.

                                                                                                     Evelyn Scott