In 2006 we had the opportunity to put the property back to how it originally was - with the two houses and all the 'rooms' (out buildings). The Warren property intact, we have loved having the space to have lots of family and friends.
This was the original house on the property.
The porch of Edentoo with its rocking chairs and big windows, is a lovely place to read.
The kitchen is bright and cheery with a view of the old root cellar.
The woodstove keeps the place toasty,
The livingroom is bright with a view of the sunrise.
Livingroom is right off the kitchen.
One of the three bedrooms - this one has a king size and a single bed.
Pretty blue like an iceberg - this room has 2 single beds.
A double and single in this bedroom.
The comfy single has a window right by the bed.
Underneath the porch, I have created a CUDDY ... the bunky of a boat. There is a spot for a little nap, a read or a gathering for wee people.
The 'cuddy' is fun spot for the children as well.
The view from the French door in the livingroom.
A nice big window and french door fill the cozy livingroom have a lovely view and lots of light.
My favourite spot for morning coffee - rain or shine. It is called 'OZ' because Derek, when he was about 14 years old, painted 'OZ FM' across the doors. His grandfather painted around the words & although we didn't, we christened it 'OZ'  It is 2 buildings put together - one being an old hen house.
Opening the doors you will find a delightful and cozy retreat. At high tide, the water laps gently under the building and adds to the peaceful, serene feeling.
An art wall - Treasures from the Harbour
The view from the window at the end ... Stage Too
Another creation by my artist friend, Kathy Blake. EDEN By the Sea is most definitely our COLONY OF QUIET THE DREAMS
Morning, noon or night ... a peaceful place to be
STAGE TOO, where the kayaks park, is a great place to sit on the wharf - right on top of the water. We have kayaks for 5 ... one of them is tandem. They are available for anyone in any of the houses to use.
Heber going out to sea  - taking some folks out fishing.
A view of  'Turkey Shore' from across the harbour. The land mass behind that is Twillingate Island.

It is so different geographically than where we have called home. It is the difference of living on rich, fertile farmland in Southwestern Ontario or on solid rock; the difference of being surrounded by fields and crops or on a little island surrounded by the crashing Atlantic Ocean. But it's also so very much the same. We are surrounded by a wonderful neighbourhood and community, family & friendship, beautiful nature & adventure. Our lives have just been doubled. It is exciting & enriching & wonderful.   

An unexpected joy that we've had is in sharing our home and the experience with others. We have had such fun introducing old friends to new friends. It is a joy being there with people we love - friends and family - who we always wish we spent more time with at home but too often don't make it a priority.

When we aren't there, we do share the place with friends and those with a thread of connection. We are passionate about sharing the experience of discovering this unique and distinct gem and totally falling in love with Newfoundland - the land and the people. 

We are in the Central Region, on the East Coast of Newfoundland, in the district of Herring Neck on Salt Harbour Island. We are an hour and twenty minutes from the airport at Gander or five & a half from St. Johns.

By the Sea
In 2003 we visited Newfoundland for the first time. We had fully expected it to be a one time visit, but somehow it cast a spell over us and caused us to get caught up in the magic of this beautiful land. We quite simply just lost our minds and bought a house. No planning, no thought, no hesitation and absolutely, definitely NO regrets.

On the Salt Harbour side it is one spot with two houses - EDEN & Edentoo
We have a second place across the Harbour  - Eden on the Sunnyside

5 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
The red bubble isn't exactly in the correct spot ... but, hey - it's pretty impressive that it's even that close.

We are right where the word SALT is ... 34 Salt Harbour Road, Herring Neck, Newfoundland. In the satellite view, we are the 4th & 5th house just past the causeway. 

We also have a place across the harbour at 7 Main Road, Sunnyside ... hence called 'SUNNYSIDE 7' It's a cozy spot nestled in the woods with a view of the water from each side.It is directly across from the bubble.
Just about at the end of the Herring Neck road is the turn to Salt Harbour. The body of water between Salt Harbour and Sunnyside is GUT ARM and through the tickle is the ocean. The third photo is a view from the top of Harveys Hill at the end of the road. The 5th photo is the view from the causeway.
Sometimes the harbour is still and seems like you are looking at a mirror. Those days are lovely for kayaking. Sometimes there are little white caps. We have had a dolpin visiting us at the stage, a seal on the rock in front of the house and this winter, two whales in the harbour.
This is the view from the end of the road, up on Harvey's Hill. One direction is the quaint and beautiful community. Turn to the right & you will see Twillingate Island and the water tower. Rotate right and you see the ocean, Change Islands and Brimstone Head on Fogo, and next right is Ship Island.
The view of Balcalhoa Island and the lighthouse.
The view from the causeway.
June 2, 2018  This berg parked itself behind our place for over two months.
 Our spot is the whole middle section ...the two houses, two stages and six out buildings.
Click on the tiny photos to enlarge.
A historic amount of ice in the habours in the spring of 2017
3 Bedrooms
EDEN was pulled down the ice in the mid 1930's. It is a traditional Fisherman's Saltbox ... so authentic it even has the wonky floors.
This is the kitchen with the old stove that we had to replace. I didn't want to re-do this whole thing so I stuck the current photo at the end. This stove lives in The Studio now.
The kitchen is bright & cozy both.
The livingroom has also been updated with new carpet ... I forgot to take photos.
There is wifi & DVDs ... but no cable TV ... which in our minds is a good thing :-)
The livingroom might not be big but it's comfy.
Same big window as the kitchen ... overlooking the harbour.
King size bed in the room on the waterside.
The other waterside room with the king size bed.
Cozy room with single beds
This room is a double ... it's been re-done too & again ... I forgot to snap a picture
The bunkbed room .... making beds 10 altogether.
Relflection in the harbour.
The kitchen currently with the efficient wood stove as opposed to my delightful one that was perhaps a bit more decorative than useful.
The Studio was reborn from a tired 'store' ... it's happy with its new life.
The front part was added by the last owner. The window in the sides & back were our vision.
It's a fabulous place to cozy up when it's raining & blowing ... or any time actually.
This is the 'Chat Room' ... conducive to a that
The upper part has lots of room too.
It's been used camping out, for screecihing in, for playing games and making art.
We brought the big steel window in the back all the way from Ontario.
Sunnyside 7 ... because that is the house number ... is tucked back off the road - quiet and private.