I have published two anthologies: 
'My Mother's Keeper' 
and 'My Mother's Keeper 2' 

 They each contain over 20 personal esays, each one a glimpse into another world. 
The stories will touch your heart and often will lead you to remembrances of your own.

I would love to write fiction, but my head is filled with real stories that I want to capture for posterity and I can't get past them. I want to inspire and encourage others to put pen to paper ... or fingers to keyboard and document the moments of their lives or those they care about. And if you can't do that, make something up. Just write.
They can be purchased directly from the company through the link or​ if I have any, you can pick one up for $20 - taxes & shipping included, or have it mailed to you for $7.

They are also available at The Emporium in St. Marys and Blowes Stationery and Hallmark in Stratford.

The latest publication - 'OUR FATHERS' will be out in the spring of 2017
Capturing the fleeting moments of life has always been a passion. I make so many images that I have to do SOMETHING with them, so I turn them into cards, posters and books.

My line of art cards is called 'AND AGAIN ...'   It make sense, like we do with gift bags, to recycle and pass cards on. Of course, when we've written in them, it seems a little bit tacky to just stroke someone's name out. My cards have a paper insert for the message that will allow the recipient to use it again or frame it.

All cards are handmade - right from the cutting of the paper and hand stamping and signing the back. They are either my SOTC photographic images or artistically created by playing with pictures and seeing what happens.

Any of the cards here can be ordered - $5 each or 3 for $12. The note card size is double the cards for the same price.

Just a start ... lots more coming